QR code: what is it and what is it for?

If you have a smartphone, then you might have heard of QR codes. For example, someone might suggest you scan this kind of code. But many users don’t even know what they’re talking about – it’s only clear that it’s about some code and what it is, try to guess.

What it is?

A QR code (QR code or Quick Response Code) is a type of matrix or two-dimensional barcode originally created for the Japanese automotive industry. It is an optical tag in which information is collected about the object to which it is attached.

What is this information? The most different. For example, a message or website address can be encrypted in a QR code. On some houses with an interesting history, you can find QR codes in which a link to the history on the Internet of this particular house is encrypted – it’s very convenient, since you don’t need to type the address of the site and page in the browser, just scan the code (this is done almost instantly).

You can even find various miniature publications that are entirely composed of QR codes! And today, using QR codes, you can pay for goods in the store – in case the user’s smartphone does not have an NFC module for contactless payment.

And now, actually, what does the QR code look like:

In our example, it encrypted a link to a Google search engine site.

Interestingly, QR codes may not be simple, but with the addition of elements or even multi-colored. Pay attention to the Wikipedia QR code:

And this is a similar QR code that leads to Google’s website, while its elements have a variety of colors (some QR code generators can do this).

Can I create a QR code myself?

You can, and nothing complicated about it. Enter the query “qr code generator” (without quotes) in the search engine and you will see a huge list of services that allow you to generate codes for free.

You can do this using the application. Launch Play Market.

Write the same request.

And choose the right app for your taste.

About scanning QR codes

We have a separate article on this subject, so let’s briefly go over the main points.

To scan QR codes, you need a special application, but often it is already built into the Camera application. Yes, this kind of codes is read using the camera. The application can also be integrated into the firmware as a separate one. For example, in earlier versions of EMUI, you can start it by pressing the Power button to wake the device from sleep mode, and then swipe from the bottom of the window to the top – a list of applications will appear, among which there is a scanner.

To scan a QR code, place it in the frame that appears on the display.

If everything is done correctly, you will see the result of the scan. We have a link to the site.

Here you can open it. In some applications, the link opens automatically.

But what if there is no built-in scanner? The Play Market will help – there are more than enough scanners in the app store, and most of them are free.

In the Play Market write the query “qr code scanner” (without quotes).

Next, choose the application to your taste.

Which one to use depends on your taste. All applications work according to one scenario, except that some have additional functions..