Reboot to Bootloader: translation into Russian and what is it on Android?

What is the recovery menu, our site told some time ago. This menu consists of various kinds of items, the names of which for most users do not say anything at all. We decided to tell about them the information that we know. In this article, the conversation will talk about the Reboot to Bootloader line..

To begin with – how to enter the menu recovery. For example, a Samsung smartphone with a mechanical Home key. Turn it off:

After turning off, hold down three keys and hold: increase volume, turn on and “Home”.

When the screen saver appears on the screen, you can remove your finger from the power key while continuing to hold the other keys. If everything is done correctly, you will see a menu recovery, the control of which, as a rule, is carried out by pressing the mechanical adjustment and power keys. Actually, here is the Reboot to Bootloader item from the title of our article:

Bootloader is a bootloader. Roughly speaking, a special program that runs every time you turn on your smartphone. The bootloader is responsible for launching the Android operating system and it also allows, for example, to restore the device if necessary.

Bootloader controls the kernel of the operating system so that it starts in normal (read – normal) mode. Device manufacturers often block the bootloader, and the reason is simple – so that the device user does not flash the smartphone to another, custom firmware. Why? There are several reasons. Firstly, the manufacturer wants the buyer to use its software and embedded applications. And secondly, instead of installing custom firmware, the user can get a “brick” (a smartphone that either does not boot, or boots and constantly reboots), which, in turn, leads to loss of warranty on the device. However, unlocking the bootloader is often simple, and some companies officially allow unlocking the bootloader..

Now to why you need the Reboot to Bootloader mode. When you select it in the vast majority of cases, the smartphone will reboot in normal mode, that is, it is the same if you select the Reboot or Reboot system now.

But if Bootloader is unlocked, this section will help, for example, install custom firmware. Note that today on many smartphones to install custom firmware it is also necessary to install third-party custom menu recovery, where Bootloader is already unlocked.