Samsung KNOX: what is it?

Users of smartphones and tablets from Samsung can often see the unusual abbreviation KNOX. It is especially common on forums in the firmware section for smartphones. What does this abbreviation mean??

What is KNOX?

Samsung’s KNOX is a unique solution that improves security both at the hardware level and at the application level. KNOX allows you to implement a kind of container, which in turn creates a separate environment for work, data storage, as well as approved applications. The bottom line is that the data that is inside this repository is reliably protected from hacking attempts, from phishing, from malware, etc. Moreover, security can be counted on even if the device is lost..

For the first time, KNOX was announced in 2013 and began to be installed on devices starting with the S3 model. Since KNOX is present on the Google Play Store, this, in theory, suggests that it can be installed on earlier devices of the Korean company..

How does KNOX work??

KNOX, as we have already found out, allows you to create a container inside the current Android operating system. In fact, a second proprietary operating system is created, which has its own home screen, widgets, and even its own application installation system. All data that is installed inside the container is in no way associated with other applications or files that are stored outside the container. Moreover, in some cases, the user can provide access to protected applications for reading data outside the container, for example, if you need an address book.

All files inside the container are encrypted using Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) with a 256-bit key, and in addition, the system allows configuration for the use of VPN by each application.

Additionally, three functions have been built into KNOX:

  • Secure boot
  • TIMA (TrustZone-based Integrity Measurement Architecture)
  • Enhanced Android overall protection

These systems generally maintain data security. If some changes are threatened, the system may even turn off the device – for security reasons.

In short, if you need increased security for data storage, KNOX can be a wonderful solution for you.