Samsung Push Service: what are these applications and can it be deleted?

You can find many applications on Samsung smartphones that you have hardly ever heard of before. For example, do you know anything about the Samsung Push Service app? Meanwhile, this is a very important application that you may need. Samsung Push Service is a notification service for Samsung services like Samsung Apps, Samsung Wallet, ChatON, etc. What does it mean? Let’s say a message appears in ChatON – you will immediately see it in a pop-up window on your device. In general, the thing is important, but completely unnecessary to some users, while constantly hanging in the processes.

Actually, a few screenshots:

In fact, Samsung Push Service does not require a lot of resources, so we would not recommend worrying about the application hanging in running processes. And yet, is it possible to remove this application? As you can see, the “Delete” button is not here:

Removal, if possible, only after installing root-rights (application freezing is implied).

Of greatest interest is not even the application itself, but how many reviews you can find in the Google Play Market. Here are just a few of them:

You can find more funny reviews about the application on this page: