Samsung writes: Downloading. Do not turn off target! What to do?

It is such an inscription that can appear on a Samsung smartphone, however, this happens not just like that, but if you click on a certain key combination when loading the device. But how so, the user will ask, because I did not click anything! Often this happens without the intervention of the owner of the device. For example, the smartphone is in the bag, the power key is held down, after which the device restarts. If other mechanical keys are pressed, a different mode may be loaded, including the boot mode we are talking about. It is also called Download Mode or Odin Mode..

What is this regime and what is it for? Everything is extremely simple – this is a special mode, with which you can, among other things, upgrade your Samsung smartphone to native firmware or even custom one using a special application for the desktop version of the PC called Odin. It looks approximately as follows:

Well, okay, it’s not about him. The image on the smartphone screen will look something like this:

Or so:

It depends on the version of Samsung smartphone and firmware. In any case, it just won’t get out of this mode: when you press and hold the power key, as a rule, nothing happens. Apparently, this is a kind of protection so that the smartphone could not be so easily rebooted during firmware. And therefore – act the way you acted when loading this mode. If you do not know how this happened, then here is the instruction.

For versions of Samsung with a mechanical Home key, the following option is used: press and simultaneously hold the shutdown, Home, and sound reduction keys. Hold them until the screen goes blank. Then you release it and the smartphone should boot in normal mode. If the device turns off, just turn it on in the standard way – by pressing the power key.

If you have a more recent version of a smartphone like the Galaxy S8 or Galaxy S9, a different key combination is used here: volume up, shutdown, and Bixby. Press at the same time and hold for about 10 seconds until the device screen goes blank.

Video instruction

In models such as Samsung Galaxy A20, A30, A50, etc. the third key combination is used, since there are fewer mechanical buttons – on / off, and sound adjustment. Moreover, in these models it is indicated on the screen which buttons to press to exit Download Mode: press the volume down and shutdown keys and hold them for 7 seconds until the display turns off.

We hope this simple guide helps you..