Smart watch Smart Watch GT08: a small overview

We continue to talk about new interesting gadgets and today we will talk about smart watches Smart Watch GT08. You have probably heard more than once about smart watches, in particular, from Apple. Smart Watch GT08 externally repeats the “apple” model, so confusing them is simple.

You can choose from several shades of the case: silver, golden, black. The default color of the strap is black, a quick replacement of the strap is not provided, however, the color of the bracelet can be chosen upon purchase. In addition, there is a watch with a metal bracelet on sale..

An important nuance – under the name Smart Watch GT08 in the market you will find several hours of various companies at once. We are considering a model ColMi GT08, which at the time of writing is one of the most popular in the Russian market, which is not a problem to buy..

So, as it was written above, the Smart Watch GT08 externally replicates watches from Apple – even a fan of the “apple” company is unlikely to understand that it has a similar device in front of it. However, only until the screen is turned on. The latter, by the way, has a diagonal of 1.54 inches. This is a lot, but the side frames are very wide, which is why the dimensions of the device are quite large: 41x48x12 mm. But on one of the frames there is a camera – according to various sources, with a resolution of 0.3 MP or 1.3 MP (probably the first option). Screen resolution – 240×240 pixels. Not a record, but quite good.

When you press the side button, the screen on which the clock is displayed lights up. There are several styles of reflection of time.

The user can open the device’s desktop. There are several desktops in total, icons of available applications are displayed on them. This, for example, a calculator, phone book, audio and video player, call log, dialing, camera, radio, gallery, etc. Scrolling desktops is done by swipe – just like on a tablet or smartphone.

Perhaps the main feature of this device is the support of a SIM card, as well as a memory card. The slots for them are on the back of the smartwatch – under the lid and the battery, which must be removed to install a SIM card or memory card. By the way, the battery capacity is 300-350 mAh (data vary). You can talk by the clock, but there is not much pleasure in this – unusual and not always convenient. At the same time, if you do not have a smartphone, the watch can be used as a replacement for the phone, and in this we see our advantage.

There is support for headphones, but there is no separate 3.5 mm jack for them, so they are connected either via Bluetooth or through MicroUSB.

Since the Smart Watch GT08 is based on the MTK processor, they support the Mediatek SmartDevice application, with which you can make various settings, for example, choose which applications will be displayed on the watch’s screen. Moreover, the application even allows you to update the clock firmware.

  • Platform Support: Android, iOS (?)
  • Vibration: yes
  • Case Material: Steel
  • Screen diagonal: 1.54 inches
  • Resolution: 240 × 240
  • CPU: MTK6261A
  • Interfaces: Bluetooth 3.0
  • Camera: 0.3 MP (according to other sources, 1.3 MP)
  • Battery capacity: 300-350 mAh