Smartphones and Solar Powered Phones

Today on sale are increasingly common external batteries for mobile devices that can be charged by solar energy. Are there any smartphones directly powered by solar panels for sale??

Apparently, it’s too early to launch such a device, since there is not a single smartphone running on solar energy on sale. But the phones that support charging from the sun, we have already met.

Samsung E1107 Crest Solar

The device went on sale in 2009. In fact, we have before us the simplest push-button telephone with a familiar design and color screen. But if you look at the back cover, you can find a solar battery. It is noteworthy that the presence of such a battery did not affect the dimensions of the device.

The solar battery is made on thin-film elements and is an insert in the back cover. The presence of a solar battery does not mean that the phone can not be charged from the outlet – on the contrary, it is possible and necessary! After all, the charge time is very long from the sun: for example, an hour of charging in the sun will last only 20 minutes of talk, that is, in this case, the solar battery is used as an addition in case the phone is suddenly discharged. It is worth noting that almost all the concepts and serial phones that have been shown in recent years work on the same principle..

Samsung E1107 Crest Solar has not been sold for a long time, but it can certainly be found in the form of.

Kyocera Concept

In the case of smartphones, it’s even worse, because we have not yet seen a solar-powered serial smartphone. The main problem is that smartphones discharge much faster and charge longer..

In 2016, Kyocera introduced its prototype solar-powered smartphone. It is distinguished by the fact that the device uses Wysips glass, which allows you to charge the device from light sources. It is alleged that after 3 minutes of charging, the smartphone is charged so much that it can be intensively used for a whole minute. Unfortunately, while this is just a concept and when the serial version of the smartphone comes out, it is unknown.

What’s next?

Perhaps in the future we will see smartphones that work exclusively on solar panels and do not require charging from the network. But when this happens and whether it will happen at all, no one is able to say.