Standby time on the phone: what is it?

Our reader Alex in one of the comments asked a question. He writes: “I went to the“ Battery ”section on my smartphone to see what the battery charge is. I found there “Standby”, which consumes the most energy. What is this mode and how can I turn it off? ”

Indeed, if you look at the indicated section, then we can see something like this:

Standby mode is a mode when the phone or smartphone is turned on, but you are not using it. That is, it is turned on, but its screen is off. In this mode, the greatest energy savings are achieved. For example, the autonomy of the Philips E181 phone, which we talked about in one of the neighboring articles, is more than 140 days in standby time – from a single charge! In the case of smartphones, everything is much more prosaic, they have much less autonomy in standby mode.

Why does standby consume the most power? The question is posed incorrectly, since in this case the standby mode consumes the least energy from the battery, and the image that you see shows all the main resources that drain the battery.

Can I turn off the standby mode? You can say so – to do this, turn off the phone or smartphone. Quite.