T9: what is it on the phone?

Very many people have heard about a word consisting of only two letters, which you can see in the title of this article, and it seems that it gained the most popularity in the zero years. Why? Now you yourself will understand from our explanation.

T9 is a predictive typing system designed specifically for mobile phones. The first phone that got the T9 was the Sagem MC 850, which entered the market in 1999. And a few years later, most push-button phones received support for the T9 system.

T9 stands for Text on 9 keys, i.e. a set with 9 keys. The bottom line is: when a user types a word, the system tries to predict the word that he is typing. This type of word set significantly reduces the number of keystrokes. The letters themselves are reflected on the keys:

And now the most interesting thing: if T9 is used on push-button phones, then why is this word often mentioned in the context of smartphones? The answer is obvious: many are so used to the word T9 that they are also called the hints that the keyboard gives when entering text. Smartphones also have an auto-correction system..

If for some reason these systems are disabled on your smartphone, we will show how to turn them on. Example – based on the popular Gboard keyboard.

Open the “Settings”.

Next – “Advanced Settings”.

Here is “Language and Input”.

Or use the search on the key “language” (without quotes).

Choose current keyboard.

Next – “Correction of the text”.

Turn on the tooltip with the switch.

You can also enable auto-correction of text..

In general, there are a lot of keyboard settings, you can change a lot of things for yourself.