The phone fell into the water. What to do?

They say that every day a huge number of users smartphone in one way or another gets into the water. Fortunately, many modern flagships have water protection and, as a rule, can easily cope with such a “swim”, which, alas, can not be said about most other smartphones. So, the smartphone fell into the water, what needs to be done?

Take the device out of the water

First of all, you need to remove the device from the water, and you need to do this as quickly as possible. Why? In a short time, if you’re lucky, moisture will not have time to get inside and harm the device, although the likelihood of this is still low. However, the smaller the smartphone is in the water, the higher the likelihood of resuscitating it later.

Turn off your smartphone

If it was turned on. To do this, press the power key and hold until the menu appears.

From the menu, select “Shutdown”.

And do it as quickly as possible.

Wipe the smartphone

The question is – what is the best way to wipe it? That is at hand. Optimal – with a cloth towel or, even better, with a paper towel. And the better you do this procedure, the better for your smartphone.

Take out the battery

Of course, this is relevant only if your device has a removable battery: remove the back cover and take out the battery, along with using paper towels to absorb moisture.

Remove tray and sim card

It is also worth removing the tray with a SIM card and a memory card, if there is one – the water has probably already got inside (does not apply to devices with a high degree of protection against water). To do this, use a special key (a regular paper clip is also suitable). Insert the key into the special slot on the tray and gently push it.

If everything is done correctly, the tray will open slightly, then pry it with your finger and remove.

Paper towels are also recommended..

Disassemble the smartphone

The option is only suitable for those users who know how to do this. If before you did not disassemble the smartphone, then it’s better not even start to do this – there is a risk of aggravating the situation due to damage to the device.

Do I need to vacuum a smartphone?

Some users do this to remove as much moisture as possible, which cannot be reached with paper towels. In this case, the vacuum cleaner must be adapted for wet cleaning, and in addition, it is impossible that the parts of the vacuum cleaner and smartphone are in contact. And this method also has a lot of opponents who believe that in this way moisture can penetrate into other parts, which did not have time to get initially.

Use silica gel

Silica gel is a special substance that absorbs moisture perfectly. Sold in specialized stores. You could observe it in new shoes, for example, those very small paper bags with silica gel inside.

But, as practice shows, units have a sufficient amount of silica gel, so you should use the most common rice – because it also absorbs moisture well. Immerse the smartphone completely in rice and leave for a day or two. Rice must be dry.

What’s next?

After a day or two, try turning on your smartphone. And if it turns on, you don’t observe problems, you can only congratulate.

If there are problems or the smartphone does not turn on at all, there is only one way – to the service. And you should not rely on a guarantee, since it, as a rule, does not cover failure due to moisture.

What can not be done?

  • Do not turn on the smartphone until it dries. This usually takes 24-48 hours..
  • Do not connect the device to the network at the same time..
  • In no case use a hair dryer or other heaters, they can only harm the smartphone.
  • Unnecessarily do not move the device or press the buttons on it.