VoLTE: what is it in a phone or smartphone?

In May 2014, SingTel from Singapore introduced the world’s first commercial VoLTE service based in Singapore. Interestingly, initially he worked with only one smartphone – Samsung Galaxy Note 3. In the future, the technology was developed in other countries – Russia was no exception.

Users often ask the question – what exactly is this very VoLTE? The term VoLTE itself was derived from a few words: Voice over LTE, which can be translated as “voice over LTE”. Yes, this is indeed a voice technology, which, in turn, is based on IP Multimedia Subsystem (IMS) technology.

What gives VoLTE? This technology allows you to provide voice services and deliver them as a data stream via LTE, has several times greater data capacity and voice capacity than 3G networks and especially 2G. VoLTE also frees up bandwidth.

But all this is lyrics. It is much more important for the user to know what advantages and disadvantages this technology has. We’ll tell about them.

Advantages of VoLTE

  • The first and most important thing – now there is no need to waste time to make a call. Do not understand anything? We explain: before, in order to make a call, the system automatically switched the device from 4G mode to 3G mode, which could take about 2 seconds. Now you don’t need to switch anything, the device makes a call right away.
  • The second advantage, and no less important – the quality of the transmitted sound has improved, in some cases – at times.
  • Third: when making a call, you can transfer data to the 4G network. This was previously impossible, because, as mentioned above, the device switched to 3G mode.
  • The fourth advantage will not be noticed by most users: the number of subscribers who can support simultaneous communication with one base station is increasing.

Disadvantages of VoLTE

  • This problem is possible: when leaving a city where there are no LTE towers, communication may be lost. You need to switch to 3G mode yourself.
  • The second is a higher load on the device itself, that is, it can be discharged faster. True, the load is small, so worry about the fact that the smartphone suddenly starts to run out quickly, no need.


On smartphones, VoLTE is turned on by default, while the corresponding icon appears in the status bar, which may be called VoLTE or, for example, HD, as in our example:

You can disable this feature at any time or, conversely, enable it. We don’t see the point of disconnecting, but if you want to do this, here’s a simple instruction.

Open the Settings app using the desktop icon.

Click on the “More” button.

Select “Mobile Network”.

If you have a different arrangement of subsections in the Settings section, it doesn’t matter – use the search phrase “mobile network” or “mobile network” (without quotes).

Find the line “VoLTE calls” and enable or disable the specified functionality.

Not so hard, is it?