What does a gray phone or smartphone mean?

You most likely have already heard about the so-called “gray” smartphones and phones that are sold in online stores. And you probably have a question, what is it, a “gray” device? We will answer this question..

A “gray” telephone is a device that was unofficially imported (not to be confused with the word “illegal”, these are different things) in our country. What does it mean informally? There are official deliveries from the manufacturer, but some companies or even small online stores import devices on their own.

What is it for? This approach allows you to reduce taxation, moreover, informal stores, although they are chasing profit, prefer to take a large turnover of funds, so the cost of “gray” smartphones and phones is often much lower than official devices (or “white” ones, as they are sometimes called). In some cases, between the “gray” and “white” device, a double difference in cost is achieved!

What threatens the purchase of a “gray” phone?

In most cases, “gray” and “white” smartphones do not have differences. Take the same iPhone – no difference, even support for the Russian language is available. The only thing that may raise questions is the link to a specific operator (in the West, selling smartphones with an operator’s contract is common). However, stores usually import iPhone Neverlock, that is, not tied to any of the operators, so they can be used in almost any country in the world.

Let’s say more – many smartphones, including not the most famous Chinese companies, are not officially delivered to Russia at all, so you can buy them at large sites like Aliexpress or in stores that offer them with a small wrap. An example of a smartphone that is not officially delivered to us (at the time of writing) is OnePlus OnePlus3:

Warranty in the latter case – from the store. Stores, as a rule, cooperate with service centers that carry out warranty repairs, which means that there should be no problems with repairs. But when ordering at a foreign site in case of problems, you will have to rely only on your own strength – look for a service center and pay for repairs …

It should be remembered that there are “gray” models in which support for the Russian language may be absent at all, and in the “white” (PCT) there is Russian. However, this is rather an exception to the rule, since manufacturers try to add the maximum number of languages ​​to the firmware.

So, answering the question posed, we can say the following – you can save a lot of money on buying a “gray” phone, although if you have money, it’s better, of course, to buy a “white” device.