What does a locked iPhone mean?

Some users probably saw ads for selling iPhone at suspiciously low cost, and it could even be a new device. At the same time, the ad contains such a subscript – iPhone locked. What does it mean?

In some countries, iPhones are sold locked to certain carriers. This suggests that initially the device only works with one telecom operator. If you insert a SIM card of another operator into it, you will not be able to make calls, receive calls, send and receive SMS messages.

As a rule, a locked iPhone is initially cheaper, but you need to understand that you can only use it when paying for the services of a particular telecom operator. And in some countries, the iPhone is worth a penny if you buy it with a contract. But the point is that under the contract you are obliged to use the tariff plan for a certain time, which you cannot call cheap.

How do locked iPhones get to Russia? Usually imported by individuals from other countries. Sometimes a person who decides to buy an iPhone abroad may not even suspect that his device will not work for us corny. It is not surprising that there are quite a lot of such offers on bulletin boards.

How to check that iPhone is locked?

There are two ways:

  • Check iPhone by IMEI. On the network you can find many such services.
  • Insert the SIM card of your operator. If your operator’s logo appears, everything is fine, the smartphone is not locked. If Activation Required appears, alas, iPhone is locked – activation is required.

Is it possible to unlock a locked iPhone?

More often than not.

  • You can use Turbo SIM – an adapter similar to a chip. It replaces the operator identifier with yours. The problem is that every time you restart the iPhone, the activation procedure has to be performed again.
  • You can unlock the device officially, for which you need to contact the mobile operator and ask to unlock the device. The service is paid, its cost depends only on the operator.

Is it worth buying a locked iPhone?

Only if it is possible to unlock it and this promises considerable savings. If you are not sure that you can unlock your smartphone, it is better to refuse to purchase.