What does it mean the card is tied to a phone number?

Many users have a bank card. Someone receives a salary for it, someone does not need to store money. In almost all cases, today a bank card is tied to a mobile phone number. What does this mean?

There is the so-called SMS banking, which is a service. This service provides not only information about the funds on the card, but also makes it possible to pay for purchases, including on the Internet, or transfer funds to another account.

The simplest example. The card receives wages in a certain amount. How to find out what money has arrived? Previously, the user had to find the nearest ATM and check the card balance. Agree, this is inconvenient, especially if the nearest ATM of your bank is located in the other end of the city. In addition, a commission may be charged even for viewing the balance if you decide to clarify this information at an ATM of another bank! Today, everything is simpler: if the card is tied to a phone number, then if funds are credited to the account, this information will come in an SMS message. As a rule, SMS banking services are paid, paid monthly.

There is one feature – different information can be provided at different rates. For example, on one tariff SMS only on withdrawals comes, and on the other – on withdrawals and credits. This must be recognized when connecting the service.

Today, technology has gone even further – a phone number can be tied to an online bank (Internet banking), and not just to a card. An online bank is a service that a bank provides to its customers. It allows you to see not only credits and charges, but also makes it possible to pay for a variety of services. For example, using an online bank you can pay a rent or even a loan payment, not to mention the transfer of funds. Your online banking account is also tied to a phone number.