What does the iPhone lock in the upper right corner mean?

Alexander writes to us. In his message, he talks about the fact that some time ago he purchased a new iPhone for his wife (the device model is not reported), and after a while an icon in the form of a lock with an arrow appeared in the status bar. Alexander is interested in what this icon means and whether he should worry.

Indeed, such a lock in a circle may well appear in the upper right corner, this is how it looks (an example on an iPad, on an iPhone, the lock is exactly the same):

Dear Alexander, there is absolutely no reason for concern. The fact is that the indicated icon in the status bar appears if you or your spouse has blocked the rotation of the screen (changing the screen orientation). That is, when the device is tilted, the orientation from vertical to horizontal will not change.

To remove the lock, that is, allow the screen to change orientation, swipe up from the bottom of the screen so that this menu appears. In it, click on the lock indicated by the arrow.

As you can see, everything is simple.