What happens if I block a contact on WhatsApp?

If you go to the contact page in the WhatsApp messenger, you can see the “Block” button. Some users are interested in what happens if you click on this button. Will the user know that you blocked him? The answers to this question and not only – in our article.

Most importantly, when you block, the contact will not be able to communicate with you. This applies to both messages and calls using the messenger – in both cases, you will not be available for contact, and you will not see notifications that a blocked user tried to contact you either.

But can a contact find out that it was blocked? Rather yes than no – indirectly.

The first indirect sign is the lack of user avatars. That is, she was:

And then it disappeared:

But this is an indirect sign, so do not immediately accept the absence of an avatar as a lock.

The second indirect sign is the lack of time of the last visit by the user. It was:

It became:

And, again, this one sign is not evidence of blocking, as the user can remove the display of the time of the last visit.

The third indirect sign of blocking is a gray checkmark of the sent message. For example, it looks like a sent message that the user did not have time to read:

And so – one gray checkmark, which indicates that the message is not delivered and is located on the WhatsApp server.

And there is an exception: WhatsApp allows you to disable the notification of delivery of messages by the user, so with a gray checkmark he can read messages, while the color of the checkmark does not change (as well as the number of checkmarks).

If all that is said above is seen by the user, then with a probability of 99% they blocked him. Communication in this case is impossible. Output? Use a different phone number and add to the user, but there is no guarantee that the other number will not be blocked either.

Blocking the user is easy. To do this, tap on his avatar, for example:

Click on the Info icon.

Tap on the line “Block”.

And confirm the action.

The line “Unblock” indicates that the contact has been blocked.

In the future, using the same line, you can unlock the user, if necessary.