What is a blacklist in a phone and how does it work?

Let’s imagine such a simple situation. Let’s say an unknown person constantly calls your number and offers to buy something. Of course, you don’t like it, but you don’t know what to do – do not call the police … Meanwhile, there is a solution and it’s called the black list.

So what is a blacklist? This, in fact, is a special firmware functionality for a smartphone or phone, which allows you to block incoming calls and often SMS messages from one or another number. All the subscriber needs to do is put the number on the black list, after which the calls from him, although they will arrive, but the subscriber will not hear them.

It is worth noting that blacklisting can work in different ways. So, on some firmware the user does not even know that he received calls or SMS messages from the number that he blocked. Well, other firmware can be signaled by an icon that appears in the status bar about a missed call – there is no sound.

And what does the black list look like? Yes, it’s very simple – this is a banal list of blocked numbers, it looks something like this:

Of course, the user can at any time unlock the number that he blocked (blacklisted) before. The main thing is to know how to do it. Our site has already managed to tell how to add a number in an emergency, as well as how to remove it from there.