What is a cloud in an Android phone and how to use it?

Some users could already hear about the cloud in the phone. The question immediately arises – what kind of clouds can be in a mobile device? In fact, this question surprises only those people who are not very knowledgeable about the latest technologies..

You may be surprised, but no cloud can be found on the phone, because the cloud is called the so-called cloud storage. Cloud data storage is an online storage in which user data is stored. The data itself is located on numerous servers. Interestingly, the user usually thinks that his data is stored on one server, although in fact they can be located on many servers simultaneously located in different parts of the planet.

Why do I need a cloud in my phone??

As mentioned above, the cloud is a cloud storage, which means that it is necessary in order to store data. But why, you ask, if you can store them on the phone itself? There are reasons. One of them is too much data that simply cannot fit into the phone’s memory, but it’s easy to upload to the cloud..

Cloud storage has other advantages, here are some of them:

  • Access to the storage from any device that has Internet access.
  • Ability to organize data collaboration.
  • Minimal risk of data loss even in the event of a failure.
  • Some companies offer to use cloud storage for free (as a rule, a relatively small amount of memory is provided, for excess it is necessary to pay extra).
  • All processes for backing up and maintaining data integrity fall on the shoulders of the cloud storage provider.

How to use the cloud?

Just download the application of the cloud storage that you use, and then configure what data will be downloaded to the cloud. Or download them yourself if necessary. Nothing complicated about it.