What is a flagship smartphone?

Every year the phrase “flagship-smartphone” or “smartphone-flagship” is becoming more and more popular. Some users do not know what it means, so today we will reveal the secret.

Frankly, there is nothing to disclose here – the flagships are the company’s top (read – the best and most powerful) smartphones. For example, at the time of writing, Samsung’s top smartphones include the Galaxy S10 (S10 +) and Galaxy Note 10+. They have the best screens, the best hardware, the best cameras, there is protection against water and dust, support for fast and wireless charging, and the Galaxy Note 10+ even has a stylus! In general, all the very best is why these two smartphones are called flagship devices. Both at once, some users ask? Yes, because in fact they are different devices, but both are flagship.

Samsung Galaxy S10:

Samsung Galaxy Note 10+:

Almost every company has flagships, although Apple, until recently, was an exception. Indeed, in fact, Apple released only one iPhone model, which was the flagship / only smartphone of the company. Then the model 5c saw the light, and after some time – SE. At the time of writing, there are three main models in the lineup: 11, 11 Pro and 11 Pro Max (the last two differ in screen size, dimensions and battery capacity).

iPhone 11:

iPhone 11 Pro:

And one of the flagships of Huawei is the Mate 30 Pro model:

Flagship devices, as a rule, change a generation once a year, while smartphones can both completely change, and only partially.