What is a graphics tablet for?

A graphic tablet is, one might say, an integral attribute of a modern artist or designer. Depending on the user’s needs, various devices are used, which differ in both size and functionality.

Using a graphic tablet, the user can draw on the screen, including using a pen. In the future, the drawing can be transferred, for example, to a computer and continue drawing or editing.

Strange as it may seem, such devices are most popular not only among designers, but also among planners. And this is not surprising, since graphic tablets have several very significant advantages:

  • Support for a large number of professional applications.
  • Ability to draw, process and retouch photos.
  • 3D modeling support.
  • Support for creating presentations, electronic signatures, graphs and charts.

These are just a few of the advantages that graphic tablets are so valued for..

How a graphics tablet works?

If we are talking about design or engineering, then in this case the device can be considered as a replacement for pencil and paper, although in fact a huge number of tools are used instead of a pencil, so the electronic pen, which also comes with it, replaces both a pen and a pencil, and brushes.

The vast majority of tablets are electromagnetic, so a grid of conductors is built into their base. When the user swipes the pen on the screen, the latter transmits electromagnetic pulses to the conductors that they fix. The result is an image.

In some cases, the device itself sends signals to the pen, after which the signals return back. This determines the location of the pen on the screen..

By the way, often the pen requires additional power: either battery-batteries or a power cord are used.

Why a graphic tablet cannot be replaced with a regular tablet?

In fact, the days have passed when for drawing it was necessary to purchase special graphic tablets. So, some modern tablets support the pen and, according to manufacturers, they can easily be used for drawing. Nevertheless, if you plan to use the device, including for design, experts still recommend choosing professional graphics tablets. Yes, they are more expensive, but they have many advantages that without problems will allow you to “recapture” the money spent.

But if we are talking about a budding artist and a limited budget, then you can really look at a “regular” tablet with pen support. It’s enough to develop skills.