What is a loop on the phone (iPhone)?

Usually a long hem of a women’s dress is usually called a train. Or emissions of gas, ash or volcanic bombs from a volcano that are in the air. And what does the cable mean when it comes to phones, smartphones or tablets?

In fact, a loop is the slang name of a ribbon (flat) cable in computer, and now also mobile technology. Ribbon cable – a multicore cable in which the cores are parallel in the same plane, with each of the cores having its own round insulation.

In mobile devices, loops are usually necessary in order to ensure the functioning of various elements. It can be a connector for charging or a SIM card, camera, flash, etc..

In individual devices, including the same iPhone, loops can act as independent parts. For example, the bottom loop of the charging port and the iPhone 5 audio jack contains both a charging port and an audio jack. Such a loop represents a single detail.

The word “loop” has several more meanings, but they have nothing to do with our mobile and computer topics..