What is a magnetometer in a telephone?

Our site continues to talk about the various sensors that are found in modern smartphones and tablets. Some time ago, we talked about sensors such as an accelerometer and a barometer. Today let’s talk about the magnetometer.

A magnetometer is a device for measuring the characteristics of a magnetic field, as well as the magnetic properties of materials. Surely you already have a question – is the magnetometer sensor in a smartphone really needed in order to measure the characteristics of the Earth’s magnetic field?

You could say that. The fact is that this sensor responds to the Earth’s magnetic field, which allows it to determine the cardinal directions. This is mainly used in the smartphone’s satellite navigation system, due to which the location of the current device and its owner is more accurately determined.

Of course, you can also use a magnetometer in order to find out where each of the cardinal points is. To do this, download the compass application on the Google Play Market (there are many of them). On some smartphones, the Compass application is already integrated into the firmware.

Above is a screenshot of the melon soft Compass application.