What is a refurbished phone (smartphone)?

An interesting message was sent by user Alexei, who wrote the following: “Today, on a well-known classified site, I was looking for a smartphone and found an ad in which a refurbished smartphone is sold, but it looks like new. It should be inexpensive. What does it mean?”

Some time ago, we talked about restored iPhones, which even well-known chain electronics stores are selling. Here is a screenshot from Yandex.Market:

Now about what the point is. Let’s say you have a smartphone that you want to change to a new one. You go to the official partner of the company that sells smartphones, hand over your old device to it, and in exchange get a new one at a discount. Everyone is happy and content..

Your smartphone, which you gave away, can be sent back to the factory where the “rejuvenation” procedure will take place, that is, the case and screen will be replaced, although the board is usually not touched. Then the device goes back to the store, where it is sold as rebuilt at a reduced price, and you will not find any external differences from the used smartphone, since the case has been replaced with a new one. Most importantly, the restored smartphones have the same warranty as the new ones – they can be replaced in case of problems or repaired during the warranty period for free.

Alas, scammers use this situation. The fact is that not only companies like Apple itself are engaged in the restoration of smartphones, but also private firms. Of course, the quality in the latter case is usually much worse. Such devices are sold, usually privately, they are not covered by the warranty.

Some cunning sellers went even further: they buy a batch of refurbished smartphones of not the best quality (note that we are talking not only about Apple, but also about other large companies) and sell them like new ones! Yes, they do not report that smartphones have been restored, although for some details this can be indirectly determined. For example, if glue sticks out from under the glass. Worst of all, in the event of problems with the device, the user may be denied warranty repairs, since the smartphone is not really new, the seal has been broken, someone has already rummaged inside. This is such a deception. So if you buy a refurbished smartphone, then only through the official dealer of the manufacturer, who also does not hide that he is selling you a refurbished device, and not a used one under the guise of a new one.