What is a selfie phone?

What is a selfie, many know. In fact, a selfie is a type of self-portrait when a person captures himself on a camera. The term became very popular a few years ago when smartphones allowed self-portraits to be created..

Accordingly, a selfie is a term denoting a smartphone, where the front camera does not differ from the main one or not worse than the latter and allows you to make very high-quality selfies.

Many manufacturers have selfie phones, and often more than one model, but they are not very successful. Rather, these are niche models. The reason is simple: in modern smartphones, the front camera module allows you to take good pictures, and, together with various filters, there is no need for a better module.

However, if you like to make high-quality selfies (they are often called “selfies”), we recommend that you familiarize yourself with the latest several models of selfies. In parentheses is the number of megapixels of the front camera.

HTC Desire Eye (13 MP)

Sony Xperia C5 Ultra Dual (13 MP)

ASUS Zenfone Selfie (13 MP)

OPPO N3 (16 MP)

The peculiarity of this unit is that it has only one camera, which is inverted, that is, it is used both the main and the front.

Of course, judging only by dry numbers like the number of megapixels is not worth it. Nevertheless, the selfies of these devices turn out to be extremely excellent.