What is a selfie?

Since our site is dedicated to the Android operating system, and on it, in turn, the majority of manufactured mobile devices are built, we simply cannot get around things that are somehow related to the world of mobile technology. So today we’ll talk about one word that changed the world.

The word “selfie” came to us from the English language – selfie (from the word self, which translates as “myself” or “myself”). Selfies are a type of self-portrait in which the user captures himself on the camera. As a rule, the front camera of a smartphone or phone is used to create a selfie, but often selfies are made by displaying the main camera in the mirror or using the so-called selfie stick, which our site has already talked about.

You might think that the creation of a self-portrait in the style of “selfie” appeared recently, but this is not so. The first self-portraits appeared at the very beginning of the 20th century. For example, the photograph of Grand Duchess Anastasia Nikolaevna, created by her in 1914, is known. Then still young Anastasia Nikolaevna was able to take a photo in the mirror to send it to her friend. In the future, self-portraits became quite widely known, but only with the advent of smartphones did their success reach completely new heights.

According to various sources, for the first time, the word selfie appeared in 2002 at one of the Australian forums, but it got the most prevalence a decade later. In 2013, the word was added to the Oxford English Online Dictionary.

In our country, the word “selfie” is sometimes replaced by “self-shooter” or “self”.

Selfies are one of the most popular types of photographs. Selfie creation is also popular among famous people. Here, for example, a selfie of Arnold Schwarzenegger (instagram.com/p/uBC93pjcV-/):

Selfie Cristiano Ronaldo (instagram.com/p/BHWzPMQAj3x/):

Selfie Dmitry Medvedev (instagram.com/p/pHCGyPA_Oh/):

It is worth noting that selfies are often criticized and this is not surprising. So, some users upload selfies in extreme situations (for example, when meeting dangerous animals), while others upload photos with weapons in their hands, which cannot be done. Such photos are associated with the risk of injury, and sometimes even result in death (such cases are known).