What is a smartphone and what is it for?

We constantly talk about some features of smartphones, try to solve the problems that arise with them, and there are people who do not even know what it is. Therefore, today we will tell you what a smartphone is and why it is needed..

A smartphone (from English Smartphone – smart phone) is a mobile phone that is complemented by the capabilities of a personal computer. And this is true – today smartphones have replaced computers for many users, since they provide almost all of the same functions. In the future, the even greater popularity of smartphones is predicted as a replacement for personal computers and laptops. This is also confirmed by the fact that users are increasingly using smartphones to access the Internet.

The main difference between a smartphone and a familiar mobile phone is the presence of an operating system. However, given the fact that some phones are equipped with an operating system, there should be much more differences. And so it is. For example, this is a large touch screen.

Here’s what a regular smartphone looks like.

iPhone 6s

Samsung Galaxy S7

The flagship smartphones are presented above, however, there are also budget models on sale. In general, today the cost of smartphones has fallen significantly. So, you can become the owner of such a device in just a couple of thousand rubles. Of course, it will be the simplest device, but the fact is the fact.

The very first smartphone in its usual form with a touch screen, where control was carried out only by hand, was the first iPhone – this happened in 2007. Then the smartphone became a real sensation, because before that no one had offered anything like this on the market. No wonder iPhone has become a bestseller in a matter of months.

It should be noted that the functionality of the very first iPhone was limited. For example, he did not have the ability to send MMS messages, which, however, had no effect on device sales.

Operating Systems

Most often on sale there are smartphones that work on the basis of one of three operating systems: Android, iOS and Windows Mobile. The most popular operating system is Android. Most smartphones are based on it. The second OS is iOS, only Apple devices work on it. Third place – for Windows Mobile.

Why do I need a smartphone?

If you suddenly do not know what a smartphone is for, then here is the answer.

  • Surfing the internet and social networks.
  • Multimedia Center. On the smartphone screen you can watch movies, listen to music, watch online broadcasts.
  • Games. In official online stores today you will find a huge number of various games. Among them, there are those that, according to the schedule, can give odds to computer games. However, many games are free..
  • Cameras. Cameras not only allow you to take great photos, including selfies, but also conduct online broadcasts or chat with friends via video chat.
  • Wireless modules greatly expand capabilities. For example, you can use mobile communication to access the Internet, and now technologies are used when the speed of mobile Internet can be higher than on a home computer.
  • Applications There are a huge number of applications, like games, in online stores for every taste and budget.

Generally speaking, the “smart phone” fully lives up to its name – it really is a telephone and a computer in one device.