What is a tablet for?

Only a few years ago, few could have imagined that tablets would be so popular. After all, before the release of the iPad, nobody needed them, although they were already on sale. But thanks to Apple, everything has changed and today the demand for tablets is even less than for smartphones, but the difference is very small.

For those users who still have not had time to purchase a tablet, we will explain why it is needed at all. Just note that it all depends on the needs of the person, so we will consider several basic aspects.

the Internet

Yes, it’s no secret that many users purchase a tablet primarily in order to have access to the Internet. The first tablets to connect to the network used exclusively a Wi-Fi module, later devices with a SIM card slot began to appear, which allow access to the network at least a few hundred kilometers from the city.

Of course, you can say that you can access the Internet using a smartphone – and you will be absolutely right. But let’s be clean: is it convenient for you to use the screen of a small smartphone to surf the network? We doubt it very much. Now imagine an 8-inch tablet. Believe me, using it to go online is much easier and more convenient, especially if you are somewhere in the country.


As for communication with the world, if you have a tablet with support for SIM cards, you can easily call up friends – there are plenty of applications for this. Even if you have only Wi-Fi access, you can still call your friends – for example, thanks to the same Skype.

Of course, we will not argue that the connection with the phone is much more convenient. We only state the fact that in the case of the tablet, you can easily keep in touch with your relatives and friends.

Reading of books

Some time ago, e-books were very successful. However, with the release of tablets, their popularity began to decline, which is not surprising. Today, some e-books are much more expensive than tablets, although they can only be used for reading. But despite this, the demand for e-books is stable – nevertheless, reading from such a device is not convenient as an example.

If you have a tablet, you can easily use it as a reader – there are a great many applications for reading books, as well as stores for buying books in electronic format.

Movies and music

As for music, it seems to us that a smartphone is better suited for mobile use, especially since some models use audio chips. As a result, the sound in high-quality headphones on such a smartphone can argue with some elite mp3 players.

It is quite another thing when we talk about watching movies. Of course, the movie can also be viewed on the smartphone screen, but, you must admit, it’s much better to do it on the same 8 inches than the 5-inch screen. In addition, if we are talking about Android, there is no need to transcode the movie – just transfer it to the device’s memory or to a USB flash drive and run.


As for the gaming capabilities, they are similar to those that we see on the smartphone. The difference, again, is only in the screen. But! Would you play Half-Life 2 on your smartphone? Hardly. But on the tablet, and even with the joystick – why not?

As for the choice of games, it is simply huge, starting from casual games with a simple interface and ending with action games with great graphics. Android hardly has a competitor as a gaming platform.


Today, tablets have replaced many laptops. But what, the size is sufficient, there are a lot of functions. So why do you need a laptop when you can use a tablet that fits in a regular bag?

Another thing is if you use a laptop for work – in this case, the tablet is no match. However, you can use a keyboard that connects using Bluetooth technology. In addition, there are plenty of applications that are used on Windows for Android and most often they are distributed for free.


In general, a tablet is convenient, it is compact, it is inexpensive (in comparison with the same laptops). If you are most often using the Internet and social networks in particular, a tablet can be for you almost the perfect device.