What is an access point in a phone?

In some smartphones, the settings section can be safely called huge – there are so many points and sections in it that it seems as if you can navigate through them for ages. In this article, we would like to make out the “Access Point” item that you might stumble upon.

The “Access Point” section allows you to use your device as a pocket access point, that is, a smartphone or tablet acts as a router, including the ability to distribute the Internet. In this case, the distribution of mobile Internet.

Here’s what the menu item on the smartphone looks like (in the example, Samsung Galaxy):

Go into it and switch the “Portable Access Point” switch to the ON position.

Then go to the specified section and proceed to configure the access point.

Be sure to turn on the mobile Internet, and then use your device as an access point.

The complete process of configuring the access point we already showed earlier.