What is an Android software update?

The Android operating system is a storehouse of all kinds of information. In the settings you can find so many interesting things that it takes a very long time to understand, although most menu items are understandable even to a novice user. Nevertheless, sometimes owners of smartphones and tablets are faced with sections of the menu, the purpose of which is not clear to them. For example, what kind of section is this “Software Update”?

Software update – short for “software update”, that is, firmware update. This section suggests updating the firmware version and, often, the operating system version (but not always – be careful!). The update takes place “over the air”, that is, using the Internet. We recommend using free Wi-Fi so as not to waste expensive mobile traffic. The update will be downloaded and installed automatically, the user does not need to perform any other actions. After downloading the update, the device will reboot, the installation of updates will begin. Depending on the type and size of the update, it can be installed at different times..

Example section on a Samsung Galaxy:

If there are no updates, the system will definitely say so..