What is an iPhone replica?

Quite often, wandering around the expanses of Runet, you see something like this advertisement: “iPhone replica for only 7999 rubles!” Some users immediately have a question – what does this word replica mean??

A replica is an exact copy of the official sample, that is, in our case, the iPhone. On sale you can find replicas of the iPhone 5s, iPhone 6 and 6s, iPhone 7, etc. Outwardly, they can really copy smartphones of a well-known American brand, but the build quality and materials are much worse.

If everything is more or less clear with the appearance, the question arises – what is inside the device? As a rule, such smartphones are built on the basis of the simplest processors with a minimum amount of RAM and internal memory, but the buyer usually finds out about this later when he sees the brakes, and often glitches on the purchased device. And this is not surprising given the cost of the replica. Of course, there are replicas built around a more powerful hardware, but the bulk is based on the most inexpensive and low-power components.

As for the proprietary iOS operating system, it is not here at all, because it is installed exclusively on Apple devices. The replicas are based on Android and use the iOS theme, which almost completely copies the real iOS OS, but is not.

Of course, according to the characteristics, the replica repeatedly loses to the original. This applies to the quality of photos, display, autonomy, speed, etc..

Next up are a few replica models:

Is it worth buying a replica iPhone?

If you need an iPhone, and money is sorely lacking, you can purchase a replica. Just look for quality options that are plentiful in the market today..