What is an SD card in a phone?

An SD card is a memory card, that is, a small electronic storage device that is used to store information. Today, memory cards are made on the basis of flash memory, although theoretically other technologies can be used..

SD card or Secure Digital Memory Card is a special format for memory cards that is designed for use in portable devices, including phones, smartphones, tablets, GPS navigators, cameras, e-books, etc..

There are several types of SD cards that vary in size: SD, miniSD, microSD. Modern smartphones and tablets use microSD cards – as the most compact. The length of the sides of microSD-cards is as follows: 11 mm and 15 mm, and the thickness is only 1 mm. Here’s what it looks like:

To use the SD card must be inserted into a special slot. If we are talking about smartphones, such a connector is located either under the back cover or in a special compartment, which is removed to the side of the case:

The maximum capacity of an SD card reaches 200 GB (at the time of writing). In the future, this figure is likely to increase..