What is Android in the phone and what is it for?

Modern users of smartphones and tablets are unlikely to ask the question that you see in the title of this topic, but let’s not forget that in the world you can find a huge number of people who, in principle, are not familiar with mobile technology. So, they are not familiar with such a definition as “android”. What is it?

In fact, the word “android” has several meanings:

  • Humanoid robot
  • Film of the same name
  • operating system

The last point is of most interest, and we’ll talk about it.

At the time of writing, Android is the most popular mobile operating system and it is unlikely that anything will change in the coming years, because, according to the data for 2014, it was Android that was installed in 86% of smartphones sold in the second quarter of the same year..

The Android logo is a green robot, here it is:

Initially, the operating system was developed by the company of the same name – Android Inc., which in 2004 was bought by the Internet giant Google. However, the first version of the operating system officially came out much later, only in September 2008. Why is it remarkable? For the reason that the iPhone OS operating system, which was later renamed iOS, appeared more than a year earlier, but this did not prevent Android from taking a leading position. It is believed that if iOS were used not only on Apple devices, but also on any others, most likely, it would be now the most popular mobile operating system in the world. However, history does not tolerate the subjunctive mood.

By the way, here is the first Android device – HTC Dream (T-Mobile G1):

As for the operating system, we recall that this is a set of interconnected programs or applications designed to manage the resources of the device. You probably heard about the Windows operating system and worked with it? Android is also an operating system designed primarily for working with touch screens. For this reason, a modern smartphone easily replaces a home computer that can be put in your pocket. However, in reality this is a compact computer. A device without an operating system turns, as it is fashionable to say now, into a brick – an inoperative device.

Initially, Android OS was used only on smartphones, but today everything has changed significantly. So, you can meet Android on tablets, e-books, smart watches, smartbooks, game consoles, TVs, etc..

What Android OS allows you to do?

If before we used phones to make calls and send SMS messages, then with the advent and development of Android smartphones, as mentioned above, we got a full-fledged compact computer. Or maybe even more: for example, some smartphones allow you to get pictures almost professionally.

As for the Android operating system, it allows you to use the Internet, play a variety of games, watch videos, listen to audio recordings, chat in instant messengers, install and run a variety of applications, including even graphic editors, work with external devices, etc. Of course, smartphones allow you to make calls, and many models support 2 SIM cards, and some – 3 and even more!

By the way, some users ask why the appearance of the Android operating system varies depending on the device? The so-called lanuchers (launchers) are distinguished – this is a graphical user interface. That is, the appearance of the desktop, icons, menus can be completely different on different devices, however, they all work on Android. This is also one of the features of this operating system. Look at the difference:

It should be noted that Google is constantly upgrading OS Android. However, you should understand that not all devices support the latest versions of Android – you can’t wait for some updates at all! Why? Most likely, for the reason that the creator of the device does not see the point, besides this often “forces” the user to change the device to a newer one. By the way, you can’t install the latest firmware versions on the “old” iPhone models either.

Be that as it may, the Android operating system is one of the best in the world. Perhaps the best in the world, which indirectly can confirm its popularity.