What is autofocus in the phone?

Almost no modern smartphone or tablet can do without a camera. However, today, as a rule, the manufacturer installs not one camera, but two, including the front one for creating self-portraits. They usually use the so-called autofocus. What is it?

Autofocus is a system that automatically focuses the camera lens on one or more objects. By default, such a system is available on almost all cameras installed in mobile devices, as this is almost the only way to adjust the sharpness of the frame. Although, it should be noted, in some devices it is possible to manually adjust the focus.

How to use autofocus? In most cases, you simply won’t notice its work, because the sharpness is automatically adjusted as soon as you turn on the camera or press the shutter button, that is, the focus is set independently by the software. If you need to focus on a specific object, you just need to tap on it on the device’s screen.

Autofocus does not always work perfectly. In some cases, software or other factors do not allow you to determine the object relative to which you want to adjust the sharpness, so the user has to “help” his smartphone by selecting the desired object on the device’s screen. However, as a rule, such problems rarely occur and you can cope with them with the help of the next update, or a complete rollback of the system to the initial settings.

Is it possible to do without autofocus? It is possible, but then no one will give you a guarantee that the picture will be clear. Therefore, it is highly recommended that you select a device that supports a feature such as autofocus..