What is Cellular on iPad?

The iPad has become the first truly popular tablet. Moreover, there is a suspicion that if Apple had not released an iPad, the tablet market would have been in its infancy. But as the iPad arrived, manufacturers began to release their vision for tablets. Today this market is huge, which is not surprising – for many users, tablets have been replaced by familiar home computers and laptops..

Apple traditionally refuses to use the memory card slot in its mobile devices, including the iPad, so expanding the memory will not work. But the company offers several versions of the tablet, which are usually called Wi-Fi or Wi-Fi + Cellular, for example, Apple iPad mini 4 16Gb Wi-Fi + Cellular. If everything is clear with the first word, then what does Cellular mean?

Translated from English, Cellular means “cellular” or “cellular communication”, which, in general, reflects the essence – with the help of a tablet you can access the Internet using a SIM card of a mobile network operator. Of course, Wi-Fi + Cellular devices are somewhat more expensive than versions with only Wi-Fi. However, some analysts believe that in the future Apple will try to abandon versions that only support Wi-Fi networks. Whether it is true or not, we cannot say.

Since Wi-Fi + Cellular models support cellular communication, it would be logical to assume that there should be a SIM card slot on the case of such a device. And this is true – there is a small slot that opens with a paper clip familiar to Apple. Here’s what it looks like:

There is no slot on an iPad without Cellular.

Is there another noticeable difference between the Wi-Fi and Wi-Fi + Cellular versions? Yes, there is, and the difference is very significant. Pay attention to the back of the case, namely to its upper part. If you see a black or white plastic insert, then you have the Wi-Fi + Cellular version.

What is it? This simple solution greatly improves the reception of a cellular signal, since the entire metal body reflects this signal.

Another difference is in the settings, there is a section “Cellular Data”, if we are talking about the Wi-Fi + Cellular model.

Fun fact

Users often ask – why did Apple come up with such a strange name Cellular? In fact, once such iPads were called Wi-Fi + 4G, but the company was forced to abandon the name, because at that time not all countries had support for the latest 4G networks, that is, users often simply could not use 4G Internet , at best, getting a 3G connection. That’s why the company decided to rename its tablets.