What is content on the phone and how to delete it?

Some users probably know what the word content means, but not all. In particular, users of Android smartphones and tablets encounter it, for example, when they read instructions on cleaning up space on their device. What is content?

Content is information. To be more precise, these are various types of information. If we are talking about phones or smartphones, then the content in our case will be: photos, videos, audio files, installed applications, other files downloaded by the user both from the Internet and from a computer to his mobile device, etc..

As the content fills, the memory of the smartphone or phone decreases, which is understandable – it is still not rubber. You can always find out how full the memory is with content, as well as firmware and other data. Make it easy.

Go to Settings.

Select the “Memory” section..

The first screen displays the free space in the main memory of the device.

On the second screen – a place on the memory card.

Depending on the device, the menu items may have a different name, but the essence does not change..

Removing content is easy. For example, in this article we talked about how to delete files from a device. In this – how to remove the application. And here you will find out what to do if the memory continues to fill up when the content is deleted..