What is GPS in the phone?

GPS (short for English Global Positioning System – a global positioning system) is a satellite navigation system that works in the WGS 84 world coordinate system. GPS allows you to determine the location and speed of objects almost anywhere on Earth. Interestingly, the system was developed and implemented by the US Department of Defense, but is currently used for civilian purposes. Russia has created its own satellite navigation system, called GLONASS, and we already wrote about it. The systems work similarly, but GLONASS satellites have greater stability..

Some time ago, GPS was rarely used in phones, and therefore it was a kind of curiosity that could surprise people. But those days are long gone and today you need to work hard to find a smartphone that does not support GPS.

What is GPS for in a phone / smartphone / tablet??

GPS is primarily used to determine the location of a device. Already on this basis, the user can understand where he is at the moment. Navigation charts, which are used, for example, by motorists, are based on this principle. And along with the Internet, maps can show not only the location of the device and the path to the goal, but also traffic congestion. A vivid example – Yandex.Maps.

Smartphones with GPS are used not only by ordinary motorists, they are very popular with couriers, as well as with taxi drivers – especially when it comes to large cities.

The location function is used in some services. For example, on a social network, you can post a photo and specify the coordinates of where it was just captured. There are services that allow you to mark your location not on simple maps, but in a store or cafe – this way the user can send a message to friends and invite them.

There are even dating services based on the user’s current location. So, the user indicates where he is and on the map he sees other users. For example, users can get to know each other if they are in the immediate vicinity of the map.

Are there any flaws in GPS?

As such, there are no shortcomings in GPS, however, it is worth remembering that the location can not always be reliable, since there are limits of error. For more accurate positioning, you can use both navigation systems – GPS and GLONASS at once, especially since they are both used in many devices.

The rest of the GPS has solid advantages. In addition, the system actually does not affect the cost of the device, which you can track by the cost of smartphones: even the most inexpensive devices are equipped with GPS.