What is Hard Reset on an Android Smartphone or Tablet?

Imagine a situation: something happened to the user’s tablet or smartphone, as a result of which the user ceases to function normally. The user goes to a forum or social network and asks what to do. They answer him – make a hard reset. What does it mean?

Hard Reset from English translates as “hard reset” or “hard reset”. As you can see, these are two different concepts, which, however, can be called one term. In the first case, Hard Reset means rebooting the device if the latter freezes. When freezing, as a rule, you need to hold down the POWER key until the device turns off and on again. In the case of the iPhone, to force a reboot, you need to hold two physical keys at the same time, as our site described in detail.

In the second case, we are talking about resetting (resetting) the settings to the factory settings. In other words, there is a complete deletion of all data from the gadget’s memory and you get a smartphone or tablet as if buying from a box – without photos, songs, videos, applications, etc. Returning to the factory settings may come in handy if, for example, you want to completely clear the device’s memory, including deleting all applications, or if the smartphone or tablet doesn’t work as it did before — it slows down, glitches, etc. In this case, resetting to factory settings can really help..

You can reset the settings directly from the device menu. This item calls it “Reset Settings”.

When resetting, you can also clear the memory card.

Our site has already talked in detail about how to make Hard Reset on an Android device..