What is iMessage on iPhone and iPad?

iMessage is an instant messaging technology used by Apple’s iOS and OS X operating systems. In simple terms, this is Apple’s proprietary messenger for messaging. IMessage first introduced in iOS 5.0.

iMessage requires activation, which uses the proprietary Apple ID, which can be entered in the settings of the iPhone, iPad, etc. Of course, for the application to work, you need an Internet connection – mobile or via Wi-Fi.

Interestingly, if the same Apple ID is used on different Apple devices, messages will come to all these devices.

Once iMessage was considered almost a complete replacement of SMS messages and this, in general, happened, but many users prefer to use other instant messengers, for example, the popular Viber, Whatsapp, Telegram, etc..

In iOS 10, Apple updated iMessage, adding enormous message personalization capabilities. For example, some elements can be made animated. So, balloons can fly around the screen. It is possible to use “invisible ink” – the subscriber will be able to read the text only if he passes his fingers over it. Words can be replaced with emoji in just one tap..

Together with this update, correspondence in the literal sense of the word turned into a very interesting game.