What is jailbreak on iPhone or iPad and what is it for?

If you own an iPhone or iPad, then you probably could hear about the so-called Jailbreak. This word can be translated from English as “escape” or “jailbreak”. What does this term mean??

Jailbreak is an operation that allows you to access the file system of a number of Apple devices, including iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch. This procedure expands the standard capabilities of the device: in addition to accessing the file system, the user receives, for example, the ability to install applications not from the App Store or change themes.

How to jailbreak?

In order to access the file system, you must use special utilities that allow you to do this same jailbreak. These include the Pwnage Tool, redsn0w, sn0wbreeze, etc..

Most often, the process is very easy: the user downloads the application to the computer, connects his device to it, launches the utility and performs a few simple steps. The utility does most of the process on its own.

In other cases, the application is installed on the device itself..

Why do I need jailbreak?

Above, we described a couple of advantages of jailbreaking, but now we dive into this topic in more detail.

The first important advantage is third-party application stores. The leader among them is Cydia. Cydia has many applications that, including one way or another, could not get into the App Store. Most of them are free..

Not all users need access to the file system, but many people like the ability to change a lot on the desktop. So, the Springtomize application has a large number of options for setting folders, icons, desktops, lock screen, status bar, etc..

And surely a lot of things dreamed of replacing the design theme, which is easy to do using third-party applications from the same Cydia.

As you can see, there are many advantages and this is only part of them, but remember that Jailbreak also has disadvantages..

Jailbreak shortcomings

Now let’s talk about the shortcomings, there are several of them and they are all very important.

First and foremost, iOS is one of the most secure operating systems, including due to the fact that access to the file system is closed for the user. If access to it is open, what happens when jailbreaking, picking up a trojan or a virus becomes much easier.

The second one. Installing Jailbreak may cause problems with the device. Sometimes it happens that the iPhone or iPad turns into a “brick”, and often through the fault of the user, if he did not perform the action that he sees on the screen during the jailbreak procedure. Responsibility for this, of course, lies only with the device owner..

Third – Jailbreak void the iPhone or iPad. True, this applies only to those cases when jailbreak is used. If you reflash the device without jailbreak, traces of breaking will be deleted.

What does Apple itself think? The company speaks out against Jailbreak, it can be understood. Therefore, when each new iOS jailbreak update is released, it is necessary to wait for a new utility to be released, as the old “holes” are closed by developers.

Is jailbreak really necessary?

In our opinion, it is better not to jailbreak, because in this case the guarantee disappears, moreover, it’s easier to stumble upon a malicious program or trojan, wandering around the Internet. But to solve this, of course, only to the owner of the device.