What is portrait orientation lock on iPhone?

Imagine you decide to read a book on your iPhone. Would you like to read a book on the screen in landscape orientation. To prevent the screen from rotating when reading, if you suddenly reject the device, there is a portrait orientation lock. It simply blocks the rotation of the screen at any position of the iPhone.

There are two ways to enable this lock. The first is through settings. In the “Basic” – “Switch” section on the side panel, check the box next to “Orientation lock”.

The second method is even simpler: swipe from the bottom of the screen up on the desktop, a small menu will appear in which you need to click on the lock icon in the circle, as shown in the screenshot below:

Please note that as soon as the orientation lock is turned on, a small icon will appear in the status bar in the form of the same lock:

You can disable the portrait orientation lock by performing the indicated procedures in the reverse order. The instruction is suitable for both iPhone and iPad.