What is Siri in iPhone or iPad?

Many users have personally encountered Siri and are well aware of what it is. But among users of Apple technology, in particular the iPhone, there are many users who do not yet know the meaning of this term. We will tell you what Siri is..

Siri is a personal assistant and question-answer system that takes place in the iOS operating system, on the basis of which devices such as iPhone or iPad work. The application uses human speech processing and gives its recommendations, answers user questions, performs specified operations. Interestingly, Siri has the ability to adapt to each user, studying his preferences, as a result of which the answers to the same questions for several users will be different.

What the Siri interface looks like:

Not all users who already use the Siri application are aware that the name Siri was not just coined. This is actually an abbreviation of the phrase Speech Interpretation and Recognition Interface, which can be translated roughly as “Interpretation of speech and recognition interface”.

If today Siri is an integral part of iOS, then at the stage of its appearance, the Siri application was available in the App Store, and on behalf of Siri Inc. Yes, yes, as you might have guessed, Apple just bought this company, making Siri an iOS component.

The first smartphone of the company where the Siri interface was integrated was the iPhone 4:

Almost every new update to the iOS operating system adds innovations to the Siri interface.

Siri Language Support

Initially supported English, German, French and Japanese.

Of course, we are most interested in the Russian language. And he appeared since iOS 8.3.

In total, at the time of writing, Siri supports more than 20 languages.

What is the Siri app for??

Siri can do a lot. So, if you have nothing to do, you can ask tricky questions to the assistant and often get very funny answers.

However, the application was created primarily in order to help the user. So, Siri is able to:

  • Search for information on the Internet.
  • Turn on some features, such as Bluetooth.
  • Calculate, convert various quantities.
  • Read SMS Messages Aloud.
  • Interact with other gadgets. For example, if you have a smart home, you can say “Siri, turn off the light in the room” and it will be extinguished.
  • Set an alarm.
  • Set reminders.
  • Report weather forecast.
  • To turn on the music.
  • Get directions.

Of course, this is just a small part of what Siri can do. But, as you can see, the application can do a lot.