What is SMSC?

SMSC (from the English Short Message Service Center) is a short message service center. We call it SMS-center. It is necessary for storing, transmitting and converting SMS messages. When a user sends a message to another user, SMS will be stored in this SMS center, and then delivered to the addressee as soon as it is available.

All SMSC operations

  • Receive SMS messages from users.
  • SMS message storage.
  • SMS forwarding.
  • SMS delivery.
  • Maintenance of unique timestamps in SMS messages.

Message storage and status report

If the recipient’s mobile phone is not available, then the message will be stored in the SMS center. At the same time, on many phones you can configure how much the SMS message will be stored in the center, after which it will be deleted. Accordingly, if a message is deleted from the SMS center, it will not be delivered to the addressee in any case..

However, in some cases, SMS centers are configured in such a way as to ignore the delivery time of the message to the addressee.

The SMS center also allows you to send a message to the sender that the recipient received his message.