What is the best JBL speaker by sound?

In fact, all JBL speakers sound great, which is confirmed by both experts and users. But which ones are better? It is difficult to answer this question, because sound is a purely individual concept that one liked, may not like the other. Nevertheless, we have compiled for you in this review JBL speakers with the best sound and interesting functionality.


A small speaker that has a nice price and good sound for its price group.

Highlight a cool appearance, a huge number of colors, convenient control keys, IPX7 moisture protection, battery life up to 5 hours. The column can be placed on the back or on the side surface. There is a noise canceling microphone.

The speaker power is low – 3 W, but the sound is not bad, and the volume margin is more than sufficient for its class.

JBL Charge 4

One of the most popular models of the company, presented in a large number of colors. You can’t call a column cheap, but its cost is not surprising.

The total sound power – 30 W, bass – at an excellent level. In general, the column has proved to be excellent for lovers of hip-hop, pop, electronic and rock music..

Features include a classy and recognizable appearance, IPX7 water resistance, support for USB Type-C and USB Type-A, unusual case materials: rubber, plastic and fabric.

Claimed battery life – up to 20 hours.

JBL Flip 5

Portable speaker with a power of one speaker at 20 watts. Users say that it is perfectly tuned, so the sound is very good for the speaker of its class, and the volume margin is impressive.

A moisture-proof housing is declared, the weight of which is 540 g. The battery capacity is 4800 mAh, which allows the column to work up to 12 hours, the time of a full charge is about 3 hours.

On the case there is a loop for a lace. 100% recognizable design.

JBL Xtreme 2

They say that in its class there is no better sounding speaker than JBL Xtreme 2 – we are happy to believe that there are several speakers with a total power of 2 × 20 W with a frequency range of 55-20000 Hz. Users note the presence of a very deep bass, and especially in comparison with the previous generation model.

However, it should be understood that although the JBL Xtreme 2 is a portable speaker, it weighs about 2.4 kg, and the dimensions are appropriate. At the same time there is IPX7 level water protection, a microphone, you can even make calls using the speaker.

Work time more than worthy – up to 15 hours.


Need a compact hiking column? Pay attention to JBL CLIP 3 – with a convenient metal carbine.

Yes, the speaker power of this model is not impressive – 3.3 W, however, believe me, it sounds very good against competitors, and is noticeably better than CLIP 2. It is noted that small distortions may appear at the limit.

The main control keys are placed on the front surface, the housing itself is waterproof (IPX7). Design – beyond praise, the choice of colors – for every taste.

Jbl horizon

JBL Horizon is best suited for home use. Why? The device resembles an alarm clock, and also has the corresponding functionality: alarm clock, radio, speaker and even a backlight on the back of the case! And most importantly – JBL Horizon is powered from the network, although a battery compartment is provided – so that in the event of a power outage, the clock continues to work.

As for the sound, you should not expect something impressive from the system with a total power of 10 watts, however, users claim that the speaker sounds great for its price class. And we do not doubt it.

And the USB ports on the case for charging a smartphone or other mobile devices may surprise – there are two of them here.

JBL Pulse 3

Do you want to fill your house not only with a cool sound, but also with bright colors? Pay attention to JBL Pulse 3.

The column is a cylinder that is in an upright position. When turned on, the so-called seamless illumination appears, which is simply impressive – and not only for children, but also for adults. Not surprisingly, the column can become a real decoration of the room. You can also control color schemes using the proprietary JBL Connect application.

The sound is excellent, which is agreed by both users and experts. The bass is resilient and readable, and the margin of maximum volume is more than sufficient.

Battery life is up to 12 hours, so you can take the column with you.

Jbl boombox

One of the largest portable speakers on the market. So, its weight, along with batteries, exceeds 5 kg! The JBL Boombox has a carry handle, and battery life reaches as much as 24 hours! Full charge time – about 6.5 hours.

Four speakers are responsible for the sound: two high-frequency and two – 100 mm in diameter each. The sound is excellent, you can not even mention the bass and the volume margin – this is the most complete order.

There is IPX7 level water protection, built-in microphone.

Jbl playlist

JBL speaker for home use – it does not have a battery, it only works on mains.

Nevertheless, many JBL Playlist users will like it, because the speaker supports Google Chromecast technology – it connects the speaker and smartphone using Wi-Fi rather than Bluetooth, while the smartphone remains free, that is, you can listen with it other music or talking to friends on the phone. By the way, Bluetooth is supported.

Two 57-mm speakers with a power of 15 watts are responsible for the sound. The sound is traditionally excellent for JBL, it is enough for a room about 20 square meters.


And what is it? And this, friends, is a column created especially for children. Pay attention to the bright colors of the case and strap.

The column is made of durable materials, and the case received protection from water of the IPX7 standard. There is a backlight.

A small speaker with a power of 3 W is responsible for the sound, but believe me, the speaker for its price sounds very cool.

JBL Pulse 4

The new generation of the Pulse model, which allows you to play a light show. If in Pulse 3 the illumination is available for the upper part of the case, then in this case – for the whole case! It looks bewitching.

JBL Pulse 4 supports Partyboost technology, thanks to which several columns can be combined into one chain, and the illumination is synchronized on all devices. The case is waterproof IPX7, battery life – up to 12 hours.

The power of the speakers is 20 watts. Judging by the reviews, the sound quality is about the same as Pulse 3 level – very good.