What is the buffer zone in a Honor or Huawei phone?

The “Buffer zone” item can be found in the “Phone Manager” application of Huawei or Honor smartphones. What it is? This is a special functionality that allows or prohibits applications from showing messages in the buffer zone (it is located at the bottom of the display). These are non-clickable messages that are informational in nature, for example, there are applications that allow you to see the mobile operator of the incoming subscriber – this information is displayed in the buffer zone. It can also be even advertising from applications, but it will not be clickable. It’s good that the user himself chooses which applications can use the buffer zone.

Locate the Phone Manager application on the desktop and open it.

Go to the section “Buffer zone”.

See a list of applications that can manage the buffer zone. As you can see, they have permission to do so..

If you want to prevent some applications from opening the buffer zone, simply use the switch opposite the desired application. Or disconnect all at once.

In this case, 0 applications will be able to open the buffer zone, that is, display messages in the buffer zone.