What is the difference between iPhone 5 and 5s?

Some time ago we talked about the differences between the iPhone 6 and 6s. Today, talk about other, no less popular models from Apple – 5 and 5s respectively, which are still available for sale. How do they differ?


Traditionally, we begin by comparing the appearance. And here we are waiting … Almost nothing. As in the case of models 6 and 6s, one of the main differences is the presence of a new shade. So, for the iPhone 5, there were two color options to choose from – dark gray and light gray. In the case of the release of 5s, the company offered a golden hue, which, incidentally, was very popular with the public.

Interestingly, the weight of the new product is exactly the same – 112 g.

All? No, there is another very important difference – the Home button now looks different, see for yourself:

And why? Answer further.

Touch id

The iPhone 5s was the first to use a fingerprint scanner, which Apple calls Touch ID. In other words, now it’s not just the Home button, which allows you to only go to the desktop, but also an additional touch key that allows you to unlock the device.

And although today the fingerprint scanner is found even on inexpensive smartphones based on Android, then such a solution was considered a real breakthrough. But time does not stand still, in which we are constantly convinced.


The 5s model used the then-new 64-bit dual-core A7 processor with a clock frequency of 1.3 GHz. IPhone 5 uses A6 processor.

In addition, 5s has an additional M7 coprocessor, which reads information from a compass, accelerometer and gyroscope. Thanks to this solution, part of the load is removed from the main chip..

The amount of RAM was left unchanged, but the battery was increased to 1560 mAh versus 1400 mAh, so the device began to work a little longer.

iOS 7

Along with the release of 5s, the new iOS 7 was presented, which was radically different from previous versions of firmware – primarily with its design. Of course, an unprecedented number of new options appeared.


As for the camera, if we talk about numbers, nothing has changed – a 1.2 MP module is used in front and 8 MP in the back. But if the front module of the camera really remained the same, then the main one was changed, due to which the quality of photos became even better.

Also added another flash LED on the back cover.

That’s all, actually.