What is the ISO in the phone / smartphone camera?

The more expensive the smartphone, the better it usually takes off. Due to what? First of all, due to a good camera module. But this is not enough to get a good shot, you need well-tuned software. In this case, even in automatic mode, the camera will allow you to get pictures of decent quality.

Often devices have many settings. An ordinary layman is unlikely to need them, but a person who is associated with photography may well come in handy. One of the settings menu items is called ISO. What does it mean and what is it used for?

Here it is in the settings of the Samsung smartphone:

In the above case, it is set in the “Auto” mode, but you can change it to the one selected in the manual mode:

This option is necessary in cases where you need to improve the frame in low light conditions. Remember, the higher the ISO parameter, the higher the photosensitivity of the matrix, and the higher the photosensitivity of the matrix, the more light images can be obtained.

In words, everything is simple, but in fact, everything is much more complicated. Why? Because an increase in ISO also leads to an increase in the amount of “noise” – this is what the distortions present in the image are usually called. Accordingly, if you want to use ISO in manual mode, it is strongly recommended that you take a test shot in order to understand which ISO limit parameter should be used in your case without the appearance of “noise” and other distortions.

Some cameras are capable of shooting at the highest possible ISO with virtually no noise..

Visual difference: