What is TWRP?

As you know, for some devices, including both smartphones and tablets, there are a large number of various firmware. However, some of them require the mandatory installation of TWRP. What it is?

TWRP (from the English TeamWin Recovery Project) is a modernized (alternative) menu recovery. It has a number of additional and useful features. Using TWRP is much more convenient, since the menu has a touch interface, which you can use by tapping on the screen.

What does the TWRP interface look like??

And it looks something like this:

This is the main screen and so it will look on most devices. As you can see, there are 8 points (in rare cases, there are several more). Consider them:

  • Install: install archives (modems, kernels, custom, etc.).
  • Backup: allows you to create a backup (backup) of the system.
  • Restore: backup recovery.
  • Wipe: point-by-point system cleaning and reset to factory settings.
  • Mount: mount the desired partitions.
  • Settings: TWRP Settings.
  • Advanced: Advanced TWRP Settings.
  • Reboot: reboot device.

Additional screenshots of the TWRP menu:

By the way, TWRP may even have its own unlock:

Regarding the installation of TWRP, there are several ways to install the menu and which one to use, you can find out from the FAQ on the firmware you are interested in..