Where is the blacklist on your Android phone / smartphone located?

What is a blacklist with a phone? This is a special section where the user can add phone numbers of subscribers. All incoming calls from numbers added to the emergency will be blocked by the system. A very convenient thing. But sometimes it becomes necessary to familiarize yourself with the numbers added to the emergency. So how do you find a blacklist on your phone? As you know, it all depends on the specific firmware version installed on your smartphone.


Find the “Phone” icon on the desktop, click on it.

Find the menu button here – highlighted in red.

When pressed, a menu appears in which you need to tap on the line “Settings”.

Now – “Blocking Numbers”.

And here are the subscriber numbers added to the emergency.

To remove a number from the black list, click on the button in the form of a minus opposite the desired number.


Go to the Phone app.

Press the menu button.

Here – “Antispam” or “Black List”.

Tap on the line “Black List”.

Before you is a list of blocked numbers.

To unlock, click on the number and select “Unlock”.


Go to the Phone app. At the bottom of the screen, find the button in the form of three dots, click on it to display the menu.

In the menu, select “Settings”.

Next – “Block Spam”.

The next item is “Blacklisted Users.”.

The black list has opened. True, in our case it is empty.

In the same way, you can access emergency situations on other devices, including Lenovo, Fly, Alacatel, etc..