Where is the clipboard in the Samsung phone?

First of all, let’s recall what the clipboard is: it is an intermediate data warehouse, necessary for transferring or copying this or that information provided by the system. It can be said simply: this is the ability to copy or transfer certain data. What it looks like in practice?

Since we are talking about Samsung smartphones in this article, we will use a device of the same company. The first example is copying or transferring images, let’s try to transfer images from the main memory to the memory card.

Open the file manager – in the firmware of One UI it is called “My Files”.

Here we select the item “Images”.

We copy the necessary pictures.

And … And now we come to the most important thing – the clipboard. When we clicked “Copy” or “Cut”, the information we selected was saved in the clipboard and will be stored there until the copied information changes (in the case of “Cut” and “Paste”, the buffer is freed after data transfer). Where is this buffer located? In the RAM of the device, and in fact you can not see it (about exceptions – below). But be aware – the data is stored in it. You can view them by clicking “Paste” or “Transfer”. If we talk about our example with images, this is done like this – by clicking on the “Move here” button.

Images were transferred.

But there is one caveat – in some cases you cannot paste information from the clipboard, for example, if you copy images and try to paste them into notepad, since applications support completely different types of files.

Another example is with text. For example, take a notepad (we have ColorNote). We select the text, tap on it and hold until the word is highlighted and the Cut, Copy, Select All, etc. buttons appear. Select, for example, “Copy”.

We see a message that the text is copied to the clipboard.

Select another sheet, tap on an empty place and hold your finger until the “Insert” button appears. Push.

Text has been pasted from the clipboard..

In some cases, you can see the copied data on the clipboard, but this is an exception. The same notepad allows you to see the contents of the clipboard, if you select “Clipboard”.

Click and see the information (see highlighted in red).

And some applications can keep data stored at different times on the clipboard..