Which is better: Android or iOS?

It’s no secret that the main mobile operating systems today can be considered Android and iOS. However, it is worth considering that the Android OS is not an example more popular than iOS – because it is used on most smartphones around the world, while iOS is used strictly on devices from Apple.

Users often wonder – they say, what to choose, iOS or Android? In fact, the choice is not so complicated: if you want an iPhone, then in any case you have to be content with iOS. If you decide to buy, say, a Samsung Galaxy, Android will be installed on it. Everything is simple. Nevertheless, in our article we will consider the advantages of each of the operating systems. And let’s start with iOS.

IOS Pros

It may seem ridiculous to some, but iOS can be safely considered the first mobile operating system for smartphones in their current form. Yes, Android OS entered the market later, which, however, did not prevent it from gaining world leadership..

Since iOS is used only on Apple’s mobile devices, which are not so numerous, the company is developing every detail, every element of the system when developing the OS, therefore, in terms of stability, iOS will be one step ahead. Errors on the screen of the same iPhone are rare, and even if such an error occurs, just restart the application. The iOS optimization is so good that it allows the company to use less RAM, which, oddly enough, is enough in almost all cases. Despite this, when new versions of iOS are released, device owners often complain about certain shortcomings, which, as a rule, are eliminated with the next update.

IOS devices are believed to be more secure. This is primarily due to the fact that applications that appear in the App Store (Apple’s proprietary app store) are thoroughly tested. Therefore, downloading an application from the App Store, which, say, will send SMS messages without the owner’s knowledge, is quite difficult. However, this does not mean that viruses for iOS do not exist. In addition, there is a proprietary chip that allows you to block the device if you lose it. Only for this you need to enable the function in advance.

One can not help but recall the applications and toys that go on mobile platforms. It just so happened that often the same games first come out specifically for iOS and only then appear on Google Play. How important this is is up to you. In general, the whole story with applications and games resembles the “struggle” between the XBOX and Sony Playstation: there are exclusive games for each console, others come out first for one console, and after a while for the other. The same thing happens in the event of a confrontation between iOS and Android.

Android Pros

A huge number of settings. If we are talking about a device purchased in a communication salon, then the number of settings will not amaze your imagination. But everything will change at the moment when the user receives superuser rights (Root rights) – he is granted access to the file system of the device and he can do anything with it. For example, you can change the clock speed of the process or change the picture on the welcome screen. The main thing is to act strictly according to the instructions, since incorrect changes of only one parameter can turn the device into a “brick”.

A large number of firmwares are supported. This does not apply to every manufacturer and not every device, but for many models you can use completely different firmware, even if they are all built on the basis of Android – they can differ significantly in their appearance and functionality. In addition, some firmwares make the device faster, while others allow better battery life..

Huge selection of devices on the market. You can choose, say, the same smartphone strictly to your liking. Now remember Apple: how many smartphone models does it have? At the time of writing, there are only two, the design of which, by the way, is very controversial. In the case of devices from other manufacturers, you will not have problems with the selection of the device to your liking: there are a lot of models, the prices for which start from just a few thousand rubles.

What to choose?

It all depends entirely on your taste and wallet size. If you want iOS, then you don’t have much choice. If you want to buy an Android smartphone, the choice of devices is huge. I want to note that each OS is good in its own way, so we won’t be convincing you what is better and what is worse. The choice is yours.